Some Music by LLL

Piece Group recorded issued musicians
Hauptbahnhof(complete) PD 1980 EP Alltag LLL (Bass), Tapes by Joachim Stender and Ralf Wehowsky
Hoffnung (excerpt) LLL 1980 Cassette Hoffnung LLL (Bass, Tape loop)
Melodica Piece aus "Hoffnung" (complete) LLL 1980 Cassette Hoffnung LLL (Melodica, Bass, Tape)
Pioniere im Einsatz(complete) Permutative Distorsion 1981 EP Brückenkopf im Niemandsland LLL (Tape, Voice, Production), Joachim Stender or Ralf Wehowsky (Casio Mini-Organ)
LLL/RRR (complete, 5:27, 5MB) P16.D4 1987 DLP Bruitiste (RRRecords Sampler), CD re-issue on P16.D4: Three Projects LLL (Percussion), Ralf Wehowsky (Production)
SLP ('02), SLP ('04), (2 Excerpts) SLP 1989 CD SLP Co-Operation of LLL (Computer Program), Ralf Wehowsky, Roger Schönauer, Sabine Steiger, Achim Wollscheid (4 Turntables); collective composition - Sound Material: Record by P16.D4
Stück 4 (complete, 4:01, 4 MB) LLL 1992 CD Compromize LLL (Computer Program)

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